Take a walk in my shoes

Some people talk about blue Mondays but I feel quite the opposite. I enjoy the freshness of the new week ahead, new opportunities and things to learn. I start my day off with a splash of ice-cold water to the face, it always gets my blood flowing and helps with that morning puffiness. No one wants to look like a pufferfish, they are cute though.

 Coffee is next on the list - then I sit and plan my outfits for the week. Mondays I wake especially early so the rest of the week I can have a little bit of a lie in - with the outfits set out, my calendar in order and goals established. 

I try to set the tone in my life the same way I set the tone in my meetings. When I structure my outfit for the day it’s imperative that my shoe choice is ultra-chic and super affirming, a small glance down at my stunning shoes in a meeting and I feel invincible –( goodness knows what effect they have on anyone in an opposing position.)

On the tough days I try to visualize one of my inspirations, like the wonderful, Iris Apfel, she is one hell of a boss and definitely needs no introduction when entering a room and making herself known. If I find I need to channel my inner Iris Apfel, I bring out the glitter Dr Martens. Nothing says I’m strong and ready to make my mark and take on this day like these do.

The relations I have with my shoes are personal to me, I see them as fundamental parts of the life-plan, with each step they cradle and support me on new paths and adventures, adding to my confidence when I need to assert myself – especially when it’s time to kick up a fuss. 

My credo is dressing from the shoes up – they establish a foundation that I can build upwards - a good base can only lead to a gorgeous outcome.

Throughout the week I feel my shoes enhance my multi-layered personality, adding extra confidence when I need a lift. Wearing my, ‘Get back, I will melt you’ Jeffrey Campbells I do sometimes feel kind of guilty, like I’m neglecting my gorgeous Dr Martens collection. My Dr Martens and I go way back. Through thick and thin they were there for me. It all started with a pair handed down to me from my mother when I was at the impressionable age of 14 (my punk years). I was crazy about my traditional, sturdy 1460s. Already worn in, we hit the town running and have been that way ever since, of course I have added to the tribe over the years. Who says you can’t choose your family.


It goes without saying my ‘family’ are my support, my rock, my go too for inspiration and comfort. My different shoes hold different memories, some better than others. Each pair gets to accompany me into a new experience, a new adventure or a new memory.

Having creative friends gives me added opportunities to attend beautiful, fun and exciting events. I know when I attend my best friend’s art exhibitions my glittery silver Jeffrey Campbells are the ones to set the tone for the night. Comfortable and electrifying they always give me that Grace Kelly poise.