A sale is the way to my heart

It’s the end of the month, not to mention the end of one season and the beginning of another which means two things; pay-day and discounts. Four magic words ‘End of season sale’ doesn’t that just give you goosebumps? This is the time I take the opportunity to treat myself to those items that may have been a little out of my reach in the past. Don’t get me wrong, I will splurge every now and again, but I do enjoy getting a good bargain.

The feeling I get when I walk down the street and I see those “SALE”, “END OF RANGE” and 50% OFF” signs remind me of the days I would wake up on my birthday, walk down the passage into the lounge and see all my prezzies on the coffee table waiting for me to rip them open and introduce my new barbies to their new home.

We have to learn to spoil ourselves, my grandfather always told me, “pay yourself first”. It is payday and my commission is more than anticipated. So guess who is adding to the family, me! I believe in living life with no regrets and doing what makes you happy, as long as you are not hurting others and I want to be walking down the street strutting my stuff saying, “These Wylies make me feel like a rockstar” not “if only I bought those Wylies they would be perfect right now”.


One thing I have learnt is always to pick brands that carry timeless pieces and well thought out designs. Shoes are not always just great accessories but can also be wonderful staples, for example, the Complete, it says it all in the name.

Sales can be wonderful in helping add those extra pieces to the family. This is where seasonal or end of range sales are true blessings to shoe-holics like myself. We all know Winter blesses us with those unexpected Summer days, what is better than buying a beautiful versatile shoe like the Taggart or even treating yourself to another pair just in case those sneaky showers pay us a visit.